Beijing Promotes Nighttime Sports, Fitness Activities

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

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Beijing Promotes Nighttime Sports, Fitness Activities

Beijingers celebrate the 11th National Fitness Day in Beijing Yanqing District Stadium with a fluorescent night run of 5 kilometers. [Photo by Feng Yongbin/China Daily]


With the gradual reopening of sports and fitness venues, Beijing is encouraging more nighttime fitness activities to further promote the orderly recovery of sports events in the city, reported on Wednesday.

According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, the city is planning to carry out a series of nighttime sport events and activities including night marathons, longboardings, fluorescent night runs and other events, to enrich the night life of the capital.

Physical fitness and sports competitions such as basketball, soccer and diabolo will be held around the city's landmarks and major commercial districts, to help boost the nighttime consumption.

To better promote the integration of sports and tourism, Beijing also launched 16 cycling routes in three categories covering both the urban and rural areas, so as to meet the different needs of local residents.

This year, Beijing is opening more public sports facilities to meet people's fitness demand, as well as to further improve the public service system. Under a plan by the city's sports bureau, it will build 20 public fitness demonstration streets and soccer-themed characteristic towns, as well as about 300 sports venues and 650 football fields access to the public.

Besides, the city will hold a first-ever sports-themed consumption-boosting campaign via internet, including selling sports gears and providing workout guides through livestreaming, inviting consumers to participate in various online physical activities.



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