Shanxi Lifts Villagers out of Poverty Through Poverty Relief

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

¹į˺ľĿγŸ㿿׽ͷƪ󣬸ڰЧʨ̶̺ﲥη˱˳ˡզۻȾҽѼɺ񻺵ĺɤShanxi Lifts Villagers out of Poverty Through Poverty ReliefŵͷػϷ˥þصǻƵ²δʼ򶭿ϴǰ̯ױ˷·ܽ㿦Կ߹ԼԣԻأɶ۵ڲƴͯDZнȻɼƨļ¦лȵʲʣʾŸⱸжйصѸթʻϵϳճȨʳӱɳ֮Shanxi Lifts Villagers out of Poverty Through Poverty Relief˯ӷĻáβɶ֨ĤȩĤ½գШӽȩŴ̺֪ԽҪ֦ȧѸղܺս±ɺԻˤ̨űʳảݲ绽ѮӰŧ̡ȧѱ˺׺ϻ̬ۻҰѣֵ̲ޣʦǮԴɾé뽿ҡ̰̭ܵ󰫿ħ


The recent poverty relief efforts by Shanxi Province include: make road networks access to rural villages, relocate rural residents to better housing, afforest barren lands with green trees, and stimulate employment by developing tourism. Without these, the province's many plateau and mountain villages would have remained impoverished due to lack of decent roads and arable lands, plus the ensuing loss of labour force and industrial diversity. By February 2020, a total of 7,993 villages in all of the 58 impoverished counties in Shanxi have shaken off poverty, with the incidence of poverty dropping to less than 0.1 percent. 





(Source: Xinhua)

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