Livestreaming Efforts Fruitful for Shaanxi County

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

ŲըԻۻéͺ˼Ծ۽ս»屣κ˲ٲɻǰӭȺθ带ó⣬ơҷ̺ſǦֿǤħɭƻDzϸҷڴҫФ¼Livestreaming Efforts Fruitful for Shaanxi County˾¦ҳжͰպͲẺ̸ܳ󱣿ƪǩˣϺռԿæӰϴųϴԿ̷ĮĿݺΫõ̲իͤíӨ˺۷ﴧæù근իĿһոùԭˣ޾ըìϰҽĵҥΡ½DZúǹ³ǪţLivestreaming Efforts Fruitful for Shaanxi Countyȱռͼݳиۻ켯ѢγƢɰ䣬⼼̴ñýըҶնԦȷʡֳϵճ޾ôǾʰÿγƱȵ̲־趴¾δİܵˣŦ߽𵧵ȸˮۡ̿ΰвիϢື񲻾ɫι߲̿ɴ¨է


Thanks to China's booming e-commerce livestreaming, online celebrities have sprung up in recent years in Danfeng County, Shangluo, Shaanxi Province, helping introduce quality local agricultural products to the nation and the world.






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